Private Yoga lesson
Private yoga lesson

At the Marbella Heights boutique luxury hotel, we wish to provide our guests with the best in local services. Whether you are looking for a night out on the town, a day excursion or just to relax, we can help make your stay more enjoyable.

Begin your day with an early private yoga lesson.

This one hour lesson is given near the pool garden, and taught by one of the best yoga instructors on The Costa del Sol. No matter what level of yoga you are currently at, our very experienced yoga teacher will happily adapt to you.

Are you interested in yoga or perhaps you want to try for the first time? No problem! Our yoga instructor can teach you yoga, at a beginners level, and at your very own peace.

Please remember, the Marbella Heights Boutique Hotel is here to make you happy, so tell us your level of yoga, and the teacher will adapt to you.